Occupational Therapy Services

Rehability offers both professionally qualified services and top quality equipment.

Our services include

  • Advice from HCPC Registered Occupational Therapists
  • Occupational Therapy assessments and home visits (chargeable)
  • Advice on seating and riser recliner chairs
  • Advice on bathing and mobility
  • Strategies to prevent falls and manage risk
  • Advice on home and environmental adaptations
  • Advice on posture and pressure relief
  • Guidance in supply of mobility equipment and aids to daily living

Occupational Therapy assessments help and advise you on specialised equipment and home adaptations which will improve your quality of life and independence. One of our qualified Occupational Therapists will visit you in your own home by appointment.

The above Occupational Therapy services are charged for at an hourly rate. Please contact us for further information about our Occupational Therapy Services on 01986 875435 or email us at 

Our sister company Veronica Downing Associates, offers Occupational Therapy Services in treatment and rehabilitation following injury or illness, to restore optimal independence and quality of life. Individual treatment programmes are tailored to meet your needs at home, school or workplace. Visit www.veronicadowning.co.uk for further information.

Return to work assessments help employees and employers by assessing a person's disability and their residual capacity for work. We can offer programmes to build stamina, confidence and the capacity to return to productive employment.